Monday, December 05, 2011


Data Movement and the Cloud

In a nutshell, Cisco's surveys of Internet and data traffic usage in recent years have had a simple message. Video. Video. Video. Not suprisingly, video is taking more and more of the traffic on the Internet. It's not a surprise when a music file might run 10 meg, an audiobook might run 100-300 meg., a movie for a portable device might run 1 gig, an SD movie might run 2-3 gig. and an HD movie in the 4 gig. or more range.

But today's report suggests a different insight. Roughly three quarters of data traffic happens within the datacenter. Such a statistic supports Cisco's move into the data center with its UCS product line that combines both blade servers and routing within the data center.

The other insight that over half of data will occur in the cloud is perhaps less interesting, given that cloud computing is used to describe private clouds, public clouds and hybrid clouds.

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