Sunday, July 07, 2013

New Reviews of Innovation Zeitgeist by James Lau, Founder of, and Vint Cerf, Google's Chief Internet Evangelist

Innovation Zeitgeist Reviewer Comments

Latest reviewer comments on Innovation Zeitgeist includes new comments from Australian James Lau, CEO and founder of the new startup, and Vint Cerf, VP and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google. Vint is sometimes referred to as the father of the Internet.

"Innovation Zeitgeist is a marvelous creation.  I love what Alistair Davidson has done.  I enjoy most the narrative style (feels more like a weekend read) and yet it is packed with facts, ideas, authority. There is more content here than an entire MBA course.  It's an MBA on digital" - James Lau, Founder

Innovation Zeitgeist is thoughtful, pragmatic and comprehensive in its analysis of digital product and service opportunities. The business advice it offers is understandable, even to an engineer like me!” Vint Cerf, VP and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google

"Alistair Davidson has written an ambitious, encompassing, and down-to-earth treatise on the current digital transformation.  It’s the best description yet of the digital transformation engulfing us and what we should do about it, written in plain language and illustrated with his own photographs and questions for the reader after every chapter. An iconic, original contribution to the literature on digital transformation that is hard to put down. There is good advice and commonsense written on every page.  Must reading."  Stanley Abraham, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship (Emeritus), Cal Poly Pomona University, author of “Strategic Planning: A Practical Guide for Competitive Success”.

"Innovation Zeitgeist is essential reading for any venture capitalist or startup. It forces the reader to consider what they are doing and what they must continue to do that is different than their many domestic or international competitors, a critical issue for successful startups and for high growth companies." Norm Fogelsong, General Partner, Institutional Venture Partners

“Alistair Davidson has produced an insightful analysis of innovation in the digital era.  This book is a must read for executives seeking survival and success in today's challenging competitive arena.” Robert Allio, founding editor of Strategy & Leadership magazine, former Dean of Rensselaer School of Management. Author of “Seven Faces of Leadership”.

 “A.T. Kearney's clients are all facing the issue of their business being transformed by digital technology.  Innovation Zeitgeist is a great resource for helping our Digital Business Forum clients understand how important it is to actively scope and manage the changes to their business, organizational structure, acquisition strategy, business model and required innovation approaches.” Michael Roemer, Partner and International Co-head of A.T. Kearney Digital Business Forum

“Mr. Davidson has a knack for bringing the thirty-thousand foot practice of strategy down to earth. His discussion of strategic considerations leads directly to an actionable planning structure. Strategy, then, can form a tactical plan. The benefit of the book is twofold: food for thought and a framework for action.” Bruce Rosebrugh, President, VPQ Scientific

"In Innovation Zeitgeist, Alistair zeroes in on many of the key issues we see our market research service-industry clients facing - rapidly changing customer expectations, the need for rapid service introductions, more competition, a need to rethink business models and the types of innovation pursued." Jim Hollingsworth, VP Finance and Security, Pacific Consulting Group

“Bravo! Innovation Zeitgeist offers deep yet pragmatic ideas to address today’s business challenges. Alistair Davidson’s depiction of trends dramatically altering the competitive landscape such as technology overabundance and customer attention scarcity hits the nail on the head.”  Adrian C. Ott, author, “The 24-Hour Customer”; CEO, Exponential Edge Inc.

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